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Angie Portacio

University of San Francisco
Senior Instructional Designer
San Francisco, CA
Angie Portacio is a Senior instructional designer from the University of San Francisco. She worked in higher education for more than 10 years. Her expertise range from leading and designing group trainings to developing and designing fully online courses. Her motto is lead by learning. She believes in active learning and that learners will be able to grasp technologies when they get their hands dirty and work with it to overcome any initial fears. She works in close proximity with faculty assisting them with course design and integrating different learning technologies for sharing content, student interaction, and assessment. Her main focus is teaching faculty how to integrate technology in their courses strategically to enhance teaching and learning in any course format (technology-enhanced, hybrid or online).

Angie completed her masters degree in Instructional Technology and bachelor's degree in Industrial Design with an emphasis in Graphics Communications at San Francisco State University. Her experience acclimated when she became highly involved in the ePortfolio project at San Francisco State University. She assisted in the development of the student trainings and departmental implementation of electronic portfolios. She also assisted in the design and development of the faculty summer institutes and facilitated an active learning environment. She also has experience collaborating, consulting and developing online/hybrid courses with faculty that are part of the following programs: Doctoral for Nurse Practioner (DNP), Master in Public Health (MPH), Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning (DTTL), Masters in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (MATESOL), Masters in Health Informatics (MSHI), Masters in Finance Analysis (MSFA) and Masters in Professional Communications (MAPC), Graduate Tax Law Program.
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